About Us

AboutDevic TV was founded in 1989 as one of the first private radio and television broadcasting companies in Serbia after the New Enterprise Law went into effect.

AboutPassed in 1992, this new law allowed licensure to private broadcasting enterprises for the first time in former Yugoslavian history. Since its establishment, Devic TV has been committed to fostering positive change within the local and international community through:

  • • Consolidation and strengthening of democracy
  • • Creation of law abiding, ethically-driven institutions
  • • Harmonization of the laws of our land and those abroad
  • • Establishment of principles of market economy
  • • Regionalization of Serbia and the decentralization of political and economic power
  • • Inclusion of Serbia into the international community
  • • Denationalization of expropriated property
  • • Inter-ethnic tolerance and minority rights to all national / religious communities